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Balusters with extensible tape

We rent balusters with extensible tape, to define areas and walk for events even inside or out.




Do you need to define areas for hosting events, fashion, fairs?


With us you can rent balusters with extensible tape, simple to install, ready to use, with connections linking one at the other.
No more messy lines and uncontrollable crowd during your event; this equipment will help you to channel and direct people without chaos!
Can also be used to mark out restricted areas.
The Flex belt has a rubbing return of the tape, which ensures reliable use even in areas with high pedestrian traffic.
Our balusters with extensible tape are also satin-finished; trendy and elegant at the same time. 
The service includes delivery and pick up at the end of works.
Just tell us the exact location and we'll take care of everything.


- Made entirely of steel
- Base diameter: 34 cm (about 1,15 ft)
- Pole height: 90 cm (about 2,95 ft)
- Total height: 97 cm (about 3,18 ft)
- Tape length: 200 cm (about 6,56 ft)
- Pole color: SILVER SATIN
- Tape color: BLACK
- Provided with 3 connections

Call us for a free quote or simply to ask for information, we will find together the best solution for your needs.

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