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No parking signs

 We rent no parking signs for events, home building and move.
We provide the delivery of the signs or you can choose to pick them up from our headquarters.






Occupation of public land is regulated by traffic laws: the signs must be placed at least 48 hours before the date with a permission of the district. 
Our signs comply the regulations with shapes, colors and sizes required, so we guarantee the traffic policemen will remove vehicles which have not complied with the ban.

The service provides a complete delivery at your location, with tapes defining the area and papers indicating the timing.


Alternatively you can choose to come and pick up yourself all the materials from our headquarters.

For our delivery you can either choose to send us the address of your location and the district permission or we can take care of  all the procedure.
Contact us for more information, we will be able to customize the service in order to satisfy your personal needs.

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