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Procedure services

We can manage your procedure:

• compiling forms and papers
• plans
• deliveries
• confidence duty

Depending on the needs of each client, we are able to offer a targeted service managing papers for pubic or private offices;
This will make you free to come back at work, not wasting your time queue and compiling forms.

Thanks to our experience we are even able to organize independently the activities, in order to optimize and reduce your workload, getting together the best results.
Occupation of public land:
Our company offers you the chance to break free from the long and endless queues at the district counter, which will take away time to your work and put you in a bad mood. Thanks to our experience we are able to manage all the practice for the occupation of public land, identifying the correct control station to forward the request and filling in the forms within the time required by the legislation which may vary in each municipality.
Call us to find together the best solution!

Do you want to know in which Milan control station you have to forward your request?

Click here ...http://www.comune.milano.it/sit2006/sit2006/ot/viewII/openVH.asp?rif=zone&tipo=undefined&wname

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